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PSA regarding COVID-19

As you are aware, our country is facing a pandemic with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and here at Champion Employment, Inc., we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the services we provide to our clients will not be disrupted. Currently, our staff is working daily to complete the needs of our clients. …

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HR Cocktail: 2 Parts Romance 1 Part Workplace. Shaken, Not Stirred.

This 2020 Valentine’s marks the third year since the #metoo movement blew up in 2017. What we know for sure, nearly three years later, is that romance in the workplace is still alive and well. But what we know from what employers must know is far different. Companies need to realize how to handle and…

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New Brand, Who Dis?

We are very pleased to announce to our Michigan community that our company-wide rebrand is finished! What started nearly 6 months ago has now been completed thanks to our local printing and graphic design firm, LPC Group and our local rebranding firm, SMASH Creative. Together, both firms used their expertise to truly find our identity…

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Preparing your retail workers for Black Friday

How to stay limber, positive, and not die during this Holiday Season! Ahh, Black Friday. Those words bring back memories of sleep deprivation, luke-warm, stale coffee, and the sound of an out-of-date register’s drawer opening after inputting a series of buttons so fast that I start to impress myself. If you have never earned your…

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Workers’ Compensation Aggravation

Why Biting the Bullet and Not Securing Comp, could Compromise your Entire Business.

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