How Professional Employer Organizations Can Assist Small Businesses in Michigan

Michigan is a very beautiful state with a great prospect for businesses and investments. In the third quarter of 2017, the Michigan economy grew at an annual rate of 3.5%, which was faster than the overall US growth rate of 3.4%. In total, there are about 870,301 small businesses in Michigan and 1.8 million small…

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Cannabis Employees – A Buyer’s Market

How something so simple is costing local cannabis companies, everything. One simple act by an employer can make their business go from a “stepping-stone” to a “career opportunity” real quick. We are obviously talking about: Employee Benefits. But, if you think I am just referring to 401(k)s and Dental insurance…you should probably keep reading because…

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Small Businesses Need Big Employee Benefits

Why not have a Fortune 500 Employee Benefit Plan? It’s safe to say small businesses are booming thanks to the start-up phenomenon and entrepreneur-like drive that is sweeping the nation from coast to coast. In March 2011, asignificant number of the self-employed, 5.5 percent or about 900,000, had beenunemployed in the previous year. This figure…

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