Human Resources Management

Understanding Human Resources Management


ChampionPEO's HR Department helps you manage your most valuable assets, your employees.
Our solutions are meant to enhance, not replace, your existing HR personnel. If your company isn't large
enough to have an HR department, we can fill the void. Supporting your internal HR team, ChampionPEO. helps you manage your liabilities as an employer.


HUMAN RESOURCES ADMINISTRATION: HR services provide you with peace of mind, and let you refocus your energies on doing what you do best - managing your business.

• HR Administration Services
• Human resource database and employee file maintenance
• Assistance with Immigration and Naturalization Service compliance
• Provision of current employment documentation
• Development of job descriptions
• Assistance with independent contractor issues
• Development and updating of an employee manual including employee policies procedures and guidelines
• Legal research and dispute resolution assistance
• Salary review and market comparisons
• Provision of policies and procedures for compliance including Equal Opportunity Practices (EEO), Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), wage and hour law compliance, etc
• Guidance with general employment situations and concerns
• Updating of State and Federal mandated postings
• Drug-free workplace policy
• Pre-employment and new hire materials and tools
• Drug, background and reference checks

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: It has never been harder to be an employer than it is today, Regulatory Compliance can be overwhelming. Given the complex and dynamic legislative and regulatory environment. Just keeping up with, let alone complying with constantly changing state, federal and local laws and regulations is nearly impossible for any company. Research indicates that a majority of small-to-medium-sized businesses have a very reactive approach to managing the regulatory environment and are becoming increasingly susceptible to the penalties associated with non-compliance. The failure to adhere to U.S. regulations can result in fines to the business, reputation damages, and more severe penalties.

Unlike other PEOs, ChampionPEO's HR department has a law degree. This additional training allows ChampionPEO to assist our clients through this labyrinth of regulation, including:

  • Tax Laws & Tax-Related Reporting Requirements
  • Discrimination & Harassment Regulations
  • Wage & Hour Laws
  • Health Care Reform
  • Safety Programs
  • ...and more!

Tax Laws & Tax-Related Reporting Requirements

Making tax payments and dealing with the complexity of the tax system is a burden for many business owners. More efficient tax payments and procedures can bring efficiency to business owners, leaving more time to contribute to business growth and development. Routine business tax payments include:

• FICA taxes – Medicare and Social Security taxes
• State Unemployment tax
• Federal Unemployment tax
• Other local or state taxes

Discrimination & Harassment Regulations

Employees should be protected from bias, harassment, and discrimination while at work. When one group or type of person is favored over another, and when that unfair treatment negatively impacts employees, those are grounds for a lawsuit. Employers are responsible for ensuring their employees have a safe and reliable environment to work in. Failure to do so could result in hefty punitive and compensatory damages paid to employees.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) oversees discrimination cases and enforces the following laws:

• Title VII
• Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Wage and Hour Laws

Paying employees requires employers to meticulously monitor hours worked and rates of pay. Wage and hour regulations are heavily regulated, and are constantly being changed. Underpaying wages or late payment of wages are more common problems than people think, and they come with heavy fines and legal fees that disrupt businesses. Some of the regulations employers must comply with include:

• Minimum wage laws
• FLSA Overtime pay regulations
• Equal Pay Act regulations
• Record keeping requirements
• FLSA exemption

Health Care Reform

While the Affordable Care Act may have passed into law in 2010, it is still a major area of concern for employers. Employers must dedicate significant amounts of time and energy to maintain compliance. Smaller organizations may feel the brunt of the effects of the law with the increased information they have to collect and benefits they have to provide. Here are some key areas to watch for when it comes to the Affordable Care Act:

• Identifying your full-time equivalent employees
• How many fines are you susceptible to?
• Are fines actually cheaper than offering affordable coverage?

Safety Programs

Experience a safer work environment and get OSHA compliance assistance with help from the workplace safety services, ChampionPEO offers.

• Reduce Risk, Increase Stability
• Safety services can help protect your business from costly non-compliance penalties, while also stabilizing workers' comp costs, enhancing productivity, and reducing turnover.
• Analyze Safety and Risk Exposures
• Conduct a detailed analysis and recommend next steps for complying with federal and state regulations.
• Protect Your Employees from Injury
• By complying with required standards and conducting employee safety training, your employees will be prepared to avoid injuries and identify unsafe conditions.
• Develop OSHA-Approved Materials and Training
• Receive a written safety program manual pertaining to your business needs.
• Create Safety Programs
• Provide written safety programs for your business on topics such as OSHA record keeping, compressed gas, fire prevention, and more.
• Post Safety Reminders
• Determine which regulations need to be posted, remind employees of workplace hazards to reinforce their training, and stay on top of new regulations so you don't have to.
• Consult with Safety Experts
• Call your dedicated safety program team for expert assistance with safety issues as they occur.

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