ChampionPEO v. Payroll-only

Is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or PSP (Payroll Services Provider) better for your business? Knowing the difference is key! To determine which one is right for you, it’s important to identify what services each type of company provides. Armed with that knowledge, you can compare the pros and cons of each and compare them to… Continue reading ChampionPEO v. Payroll-only

Small Business Big Benefits

Why not have a Fortune 500 Employee Benefit Plan? It’s safe to say small businesses are booming thanks to the start-up phenomenon and entrepreneur-like drive that is sweeping the nation from coast to coast. In March 2011, a significant number of the self-employed, 5.5 percent or about 900,000, had been unemployed in the previous year.… Continue reading Small Business Big Benefits

Recruiting and Retaining the Best for Your Frontline

The associates on your frontline are vital to your company. They represent the organization to your customers and to other stakeholders. So how do you find the best people for these positions, and once you find them, how do you retain them? How to recruit the best When looking for the best frontline representatives, a… Continue reading Recruiting and Retaining the Best for Your Frontline

How well do you onboard new employees?

Finally, after weeks or sometimes months of searching, you found the perfect candidate to fill an open position on your team. Now the real work begins—how do you bring this individual into your organization in a way that makes them feel welcome, exposes them to your culture and work environment, and sets them up for… Continue reading How well do you onboard new employees?


5/4/2020 As we continue to move forward in unprecedented times, ChampionPEO has been working nonstop to service our clients withlittle to no interruptions and will continue to do as our country works towards a new normal. It is important, however, that we, the public continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the city, local,… Continue reading COVID-19 UPDATES


As of 4/20/2020 As we continue to work through these unprecedented times, ChampionPEO is continuing to work diligently to help slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. During the week of April 12, 2020, ChampionPEO sent out recommendations about how clients can assist in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. ChampionPEO strongly recommends any… Continue reading COVID-19 UPDATE

COVID-19 Updates

As we continue to move forward during these uncertain times, there are things you can do to help slow the coronavirus. Below are the recommended steps to implement within your organization. Temperature Check: Before employees begin their shifts, you can require that all employees have their temperature checked before entering the building. Should an employee’s… Continue reading COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Work Update

As we move forward during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Champion Employment, Inc. / ChampionPEO is doing its part to help slow the transmission of COVID-19. Beginning April 6, 2020, all employees will be working remotely (until further notice). All work will continue to be processed as required. All onsite scheduled training sessions will be re-scheduled remotely… Continue reading COVID-19 Work Update

Pandemics and PEOs

When you and your business’s back is up against the wall, having a co-employer could be life-saving. Currently, throughout our nation and across the globe, local, State and Federal mandates are being enacted which is causing the temporary closing of non-essential businesses to the public to slow the spread of COVID-19 also known as CoronaVirus.… Continue reading Pandemics and PEOs

PSA regarding COVID-19

As you are aware, our country is facing a pandemic with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and here at Champion Employment, Inc., we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the services we provide to our clients will not be disrupted. Currently, our staff is working daily to complete the needs of our clients. … Continue reading PSA regarding COVID-19