We Anticipate the Challenge

Anyone can face a challenge, but at ChampionPEO, we do our best to anticipate them. We embody a self-starter attitude that keeps us on our toes waiting and expecting what is coming. This will ensure we win freedom for our clients.

Upright and Honest

A Champion is always ready to make the hard decision because it is the right one. We will be ethical, honest, and upright in everything we do. This transparency will win our clients’ trust and business into the future. Honesty is a long-game strategy that is a non-negotiable here at ChampionPEO.

Winning Drives Us

Our passion for providing a service that frees our client’s time allowing them to grow is much more to us than dollars & cents. When we do our job well, our client’s lives are better, their employees’ lives are better, and they will be overall happier people. Our passion for winning can and does carry with it a positive impact that makes people enjoy doing business with us.

We Need More than Me

ChampionPEO is a team. For us to remain successful, we must celebrate the talents that each team member brings to our clients and to the company as a whole. We always trumps me. Our strength and determination come in numbers. Champions cultivate the talents of others in order to win. We are champions!

We are Always Learning

At ChampionPEO, we pride ourselves on remaining teachable. We love learning new things, just as much as we love winning. We strive to remain a flexible company, always bringing new knowledge to the table so our clients can grow.

Our story

Our Founder and Business Entrepreneur, Michael J. Smith Esq., unbeknownst to him, started Champion Employment, Inc. 61 years ago when he was born into a foster home, then adopted by his parents six years later. He went on to have the life and career of a Champion, overcoming hardships and succeeding at everything he set his mind to.

Over the years, while building his brand and his law firm, Michael J. Smith and Associates, PLLC., he became nationally known for his work in adoption and the entertainment industry, as well as many other niche fields in the legal realm. Due to Mike’s past success at turning nothings into somethings, he knew he was destined to use his background and unprecedented reputation among his peers and the national community to touch even more lives, more families, and more entrepreneurs like himself.

In the summer of 2016, Mike had a vision that woke him up in the middle of the night. It was clear as day what his next, and possibly last, business endeavor was going to be… a Professional Employer Organization with one goal in mind: turning the everyday employer and entrepreneur into Champions. 

Now, he thought, what should I call this PEO in order to stand out from everyone else and embody the essence of a winner? Simple. Champion Employment, Inc., or what it soon became to be, ChampionPEO. Mike then employed the only people he could trust to launch his dream into reality, his family. With the help of his loved ones, while incorporating his very own law firm as a key piece and service that no other PEO was offering, his dream was finally born.

Today, ChampionPEO is setting the gold standard for PEOs by being a high-touch and legal-based boutique focused on engaging and developing a winning relationship with all levels of the business. From the CEO down to part-time worksite employees, ChampionPEO seeks to bring out the best in every business they touch.  Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities. Become a Champion.

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