COVID-19 Updates

As we continue to move forward during these uncertain times, there are things you can do to help slow the coronavirus. Below are the recommended steps to implement within your organization.

  • Temperature Check: Before employees begin their shifts, you can require that all employees have their temperature checked before entering the building. Should an employee’s temperature exceed 100.4 degrees, you may suggest self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Employee Safety: It is recommended that all employees wear protective face masks, as well as, gloves. Gloves should be changed after waiting on a customer. Wash & sanitize hands after each transaction.
  • Customers: Limit the number of clients entering an establishment, as well as, try scheduling appointments. The lower number of individuals allowed will assist, not only in the number of individuals within the establishment but also, the number of individuals encountering one another.
  • Work Sharing: Should you find yourself with possible layoffs, consider a work-sharing program that would allow employees to alternate work weeks.

ChampionPEO, Inc. employees are continuing to work remotely and will assist with all of your Benefit, Human Resource & Payroll needs. ChampionPEO, Inc. is currently suspending all client visits to our office in order to protect our employees coming in possible contact with other individuals who may have come in contact with individuals who may possibly exhibit
symptoms of the coronavirus.

ChampionPEO, Inc. highly recommends that you suggest that all employees sign up for Direct Deposit. Should an employee not have access to Direct Deposit, ChampionPEO, Inc. will gladly assist in signing up individuals with our ChampionPEO Visa Debit Program.
Direct Deposit / ChampionPEO Visa Debit program also aids in less frequent contact with other individuals.

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