Complete Human Resources Administration

No HR? Some HR? Why do I need HR?

Let's dive in.

Research indicates that most small-to-mid-sized businesses have a very reactive approach to managing their HR regulatory environment and are becoming increasingly susceptible to the penalties associated with non-compliance. Failure to adhere can result in costly fines that can tarnish a company’s reputation.

Recruiting & Training

The efficiency of a machine is reliant on the engine it runs on. This is the same for every business across the nation. Your success is reliant on the people you employ. Therefore, we want to Win you even More Freedom to Grow by helping your business staff only the most qualified employees.

Compliance & Consulting

From one business to another, ChampionPEO knows how important it is to be ahead of the curve when it comes to governmental rules, regulations, and red tape. From FMLA to ACA we will make sure your employees up-to-date and taken care of. 

Unemployment Management

Fighting unemployment claims shouldn’t rest at the feet of the employer. Our method not only makes sure to investigate and, if necessary, fight each claim but to also administer everything regarding unemployment. 

Background & Verification

In order to protect your business from various potential risks, a background check is considered an imperative pre-employment screening step before making a hiring decision. Regardless of the industry, we are here to be your firewall between your business and the liability that surrounds it. 

Disciplinary & Terminations

Prevent employer-related lawsuits and inefficiency in the workplace by having our agents assist in hirings, firings, and workplace discipline.  From our in-house law firm to our HR department, we will provide you with proactive solutions to overcome any issue. 

Employee Retention

Attaining & retaining employees is key to the success of any business. High employee turnover increases the expenses & also has a negative impact on the organization’s morale. It’s time to turn your business from a stepping stone into a career opportunity.

...and so much more.

“Our dedicated professionals ensure that your work-site employees have the proper policies and procedures in place in order to work safely and more efficiently.”

Michael J. Smith, esq.
Owner & Founder

We live to serve

We are more than just your Payroll and HR administrator. Unlike the large cookie-cutter PEOs who tend to treat their clients like a number rather than an employer with a name, we strive to be hands-on and not hands-off. “Automated” and “call center” are not in our vocabulary. We take each client as the unique business they are by serving them individually rather than as a whole. With ChampionPEO, you are guaranteed to be served professionally and efficiently everywhere at every time. 

Location is everything

Whether you are based in Michigan or not, ChampionPEO trains, implements, and meets our clients both in-person and or virtually. Whatever you prefer.